Our Best Photos Of 2017

We really upped our game this year on the photography front. And it helped that we had some amazing events(and people) to capture those special moments. Here they are!

The Mallorca 312 adventures continue with Adrien spotted chasing down the breakaways.

Giving something back to the fans on our Cambridge pootle in April. 

Our 2017 official club photo day in early season. Cold, but worth it with Andy Pearson stepping in as lead photographer. 

Gabi ro king it in Lanzarote early in the season.

Rouleurs take on Gran Canaria in January…..and win! 

Patricia going for glory on the Wiggle Jurassic Coast weekend around June. This was actually the day after the big ride, still with plenty of energy to burn.

Matt capturing some sights on his London Edinburgh London Audax adventures in August. We need a Rouleurs Velomobile!

So many great pictures to share from another epic Chase the Sun ride across the UK to Burnham. We shall go for the big group shot at the beginning. A great day out indeed!

Andy making friends with the devil, on the Wales Dragon 3 day sportive in June.

Who can forget the Save Cinnamon Cafe ride to Windsor. It was worth the bit of rain to help our favourite cafe out.

The gang working the magic on the Alpe Duez Triathlon holiday around July.

Not just a normal Sunday club ride, everyone in club kit, and the happiness was off the charts.

Michael even buys kudos for himself these dsys, thoigh he deserved it for this Hastings return epic back in the summer.

Our post Wednesday night laps refreshments in the summer. We work hard and play harder.

Graham(left) and myself with the rest of the loons on the Dunwich Dynamo night ride.

Sally in appropiate victory pose on her epic touring journey around Austrailia, New Zealand and the USA.

The girls sweeping all before them at the Dorney Triathlon.

Marillia like coffee! Great shots from Daria on our great photoshoot down at Box hill.

And who can forget the RPR Xmas Awards night. Great to catch up with so many faces, old and new. 

The RPR Big Santa windsor ride. Another fun day out at Cinnamon, and a bit wet on the return.

Finishing the year happy. Our big box hill viewpoint ecstatic pose.

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