Club Ride Guidelines

Our rides are for members of the Richmond Park Rouleurs CC. If you are not a member and would like to ride and are thinking about membership, come along to one of our new members laps in Richmond Park prior to joining a club ride

Ahead of all the guidance below, always remember the Highway Code, rules, regulations and laws of the road apply. You are responsible for your own safety, so ensure your bike is road-worthy and you’re confident riding on the open roads at the speed of the group.

  • Have fun – above all, our club rides are fun.
  • Adhere to the Highway Code at all times.
  • Don’t race – the ride is a social ride, not a race.
  • Group Riding Etiquette – aim to ride with less than 1-2 metres between you and the rider in front on the flats.
  • Ride Together and Wait – When approaching a junction slow down to allow all riders to catch up and proceed as a group. Likewise, re-group at the top of hills and/or at the bottom.
  • Ride at the posted speed.
  • If a rider cannot keep up or is unsafe to continue with the ride, the ride leader has the discretion to help the rider find a station to get home
  • Don’t race off the front of the group – we will warn you if you do this on a ride and ask you to be mindful of riding with the group.
  • Warnings and Help – front riders should warn of hazards ahead and inform the rest of the group verbally and/or with hand signals. Rear riders should ensure that no-one is falling behind.
  • Change the Lead – every few minutes, the lead should change. If you’ve been sitting on the front for a while, when it’s safe to do so, tell those behind and rotate.
  • Say hello – If you’re new, please identify yourself to those leading the club ride. Please listen to them, as they will explain how the ride works.
  • Wear RPR Club Kit – Members should wear the club kit whenever possible on club rides.
  • Mechanicals – If someone punctures or has a mechanical, everyone is expected to stop. Please have tools and spares as required.

These rules aren’t set in stone, it’s all about being sensible and aware whilst riding on the road. Our club rides attract lots of cyclists so these rules set out our expectations. Remember, you are responsible for your own safety and take part in activities at your own risk.