We are delighted that you are interested in joining the club.

To join, we would request you start by attending our New Members Joining Laps, which we host in Richmond Park on a Saturday.  To find and join our next New Members Joining Laps, please go to our Meetup page and request to join the Club; RPR Meetup Page.

Then please RSVP to our next New Members Joining Laps so we know you are attending. We aim to hold a couple a month during the peak summer season. So please look out on Meetup for our next one.   

Our New Members Laps are held alongside our regular Saturday club social laps of Richmond Park, so these are a great way to meet some of our members, get a good feel for the club and find the right-paced group for you to ride with when you join us on a group ride.   

We will meet by Colicci Cafe on a Saturday morning at 10 am. We will do a quick introduction followed by a couple of easy-paced laps of the park. This isn’t about being competitive; we just want to check that you have a suitable road bike; a flat bar hybrid road bike or a road-capable gravel bike will do. We just want to see that you can do a couple of Steady Paced laps around the park. We then meet back at Colicci Cafe for a chat about joining the club.   

After you have attended the New Members Laps, we will send you the full joining instructions with a PayPal link to complete the process. Membership is £35 per year.   

We look forward to seeing you.



The Club Rides are graded:
  • Steady Plus: 14mph (22/23 kph) average – 18mph (28 kph) on flats (minimum of 40-45 miles/65-70 km)
  • Intermediate: 15 mph average (24 kph)/18-19 mph (30 kph) on flats (60+ miles/100+ km)
  • Intermediate Plus: 16 mph (26 kph) average/ 21-22 mph (33-35 kph) on flats (60+ miles/100+ km)
  • Advanced: 17+ mph (27 kph) average/ 22-25 mph (35-40 kph) on flats (60+ miles/100+ km)