Ride Organiser Guidance

Organiser Tasks Pre Ride

  • Arrive at the meet on time (or a little early)
  • Introduce yourself to all members – especially any new ones
  • Check out how long riders (new to you) have been with the club (previous rides/experience etc)
  • If you are concerned about a riders ability to complete the ride discuss this with rider
  • Check everyone has the route
  • Give brief overview of the route (distance, elevation, coffee and/or lunch stops)
  • Let riders know the planned group speed.
    • Steady: 13 mph (21 kph) average, flat speed 16 mph (26kph)
    • Steady Plus: 14 mph (23 kph) average, flat speed 17-18 mph (28-30kph)
    • Intermediate: 15 mph (24 kph) average, flat speed 18-19 mph (30kph)
    • Intermediate+: 16 mph (26 kph) average, flat speed 21-22 mph (33-35kph)
    • Advanced: 17+ mph (27 kph) average, flat speed 22-25 mph (35-40kph)
  • Remind riders that this is a no drop ride

During Ride Ensure Riders Follow Rider Protocol

  • Always obey the highway code
  • Attempt to ride as a compact group
  • Suggest when possible riders may want to ride two abreast
  • Remind riders that if the group gets split (junctions, traffic lights, etc) stop and wait or soft pedal
  • Remind riders not to ride off the front or away from the group
  • Ensure riders without route do not miss turnings
  • Ensure group is off the road when stopped
  • If a rider cannot keep up or is unsafe to continue with the ride you have the discretion to help them find a station to get home

In the event of an incident/ accident/ concern with a member

  • Email richmondparkrouleurs@gmail.com and text a member of the committee for confirmation of receipt with the details of incident for committee to follow up where necessary
  • If required contact emergency services as soon as possible
  • Make sure those not assisting with the casualty are safely off the road
  • Ensure oncoming traffic is alerted
  • If required take photos/get drivers ID
  • Contact committee members (through ride leaders whatsapp) to get emergency contact details for emergency services
  • Consider whether it is safe to continue ride, if not, plan with group safest way to return home