Club Constitution



1.1. The name of the Club shall be RICHMOND PARK ROULEURS whose colours shall be mainly black and yellow.


2.1. The Club will be an Unincorporated Association of its members for the purposes of the Club’s object as specified in Article 3.1


3.1. To promote and facilitate access to cycling as a sport. To achieve this aim the Club will affiliate to some or all of the organisations set out in Article 23.1 as determined by the Committee


4.1. The Club will be constituted by its members

4.2. Membership is open to any person by application to the Membership Secretary or the Chairman

4.3. Acceptance of the application is subject to successful completion of advertised pre-requisites and agreeing to abide by the Club’s rules


5.1. The Committee will have responsibility for the management, and related decisions, of the Club in accordance with these Articles. This includes the management of Club activities, events and finances and all matters relating to the operation or business of the Club

5.2. All decisions relating to the management of the Club will require a simple majority of votes by the Committee

5.3. The Committee may also exercise management powers where appropriate in respect of any relevant matter, including those not obviously set out in these Articles

5.4. The Committee will take steps to take account of the views of the wider membership using appropriate means (e.g. meetings, public or private notices, ballots, surveys etc)


6.1. The Committee shall include the following positions: Chairman, Treasurer, Club Secretary, Membership Secretary, Members Welfare Officer, Trip Co-ordinator and such other positions as the Committee may decide

6.2. One person will be permitted to fulfil two (but no more) of the positions specified in Article 6.1 above provided the Committee comprises no less than six persons and no more than 12 persons

6.3. Four members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum in respect of Committee meetings.

6.4. Any member of the Committee who is unable to attend a Committee meeting shall be entitled to notify the Chairman of his vote in respect of any or all or the Club’s business to be voted on at the meeting in question and his vote shall count as if he had been present at the meeting

6.5. All decisions relating to the management of the Club will require a simple majority of votes of the members of the Committee who have attended the meeting in question or who have given prior notification of their vote to the Chairman under Article 6.4 above


7.1. Each year one third (or as near to one third as is mathematically possible) of the members of the Committee will retire by rotation, based upon length of service on the Committee.  For the avoidance of doubt, anyone who joined the Committee during the year under Article 7.6 will not be included in the one third required to retire each year.  All of the retiring members of the Committee shall be eligible for re-election.

7.2. The retiring Committee members under Article 7.1, those previously appointed temporarily under Article 7.6, and all new Committee members nominated under Article 7.4, will be proposed for re-election and/or election at the Annual General Meeting

7.3. Committee members shall not be entitled to be paid for their services to the Club. However, they shall not be required to pay the annual membership fee and shall be treated in all respects as paid-up members.

7.4. Nominations of candidates for election to the Committee must be made by a current paid-up club member to the Club Secretary or the Chairman prior to the Annual General Meeting and must be seconded by another paid-up club member

7.5. In the event that the number of persons seeking to be elected and/or re-elected to the Committee would result in the Committee exceeding 12 people, there will be poll of all members to decide who should be elected and/or re-elected to the Committee. The Committee has the full power to determine how the poll should be conducted, including determining appropriate independent oversight of the poll and its outcome

7.6. If a Committee position becomes vacant then the Committee may approve the temporary appointment of an individual up to the date of the next Annual General Meeting to enable the effective management and administration of the club

7.7. The Committee shall have the power to create sub-committees to meet on its behalf in respect of special matters

7.8. The Committee may also appoint a President of the Club, from time to time.  The President will be entitled to attend and speak at Committee meetings and the AGM.  The Committee has the power to remove the President at any time.


8.1. The Committee shall meet when notified by the Club Secretary or the Chairman or at the request of any two members of the Committee


9.1. Any member of the Committee who is absent from three consecutive Committee meetings without good reason or without having previously notified the Secretary may by a majority decision of the remainder of the Committee be deemed to have resigned his or her position


10.1. The Club Secretary will distribute an agenda prior to any Club meetings and take minutes or arrange for minutes to be taken of the proceedings. The minutes will be posted on the Club website


11.1. All monies received on behalf of the Club shall go into a Club funds bank account and/or PayPal Account in the Club’s name and no separate funds shall be created.  The accounting of all monies and the keeping of proper accounts shall be the responsibility of the Treasurer.  The management and decisions on use of funds shall be the responsibility of the Committee


12.1. Applications for membership or requests to join the Club can be made at any time by submission to the Membership Secretary or the Chairman

12.2. Once accepted membership shall be effective from the date of acceptance or the date of payment of any required membership fees (whichever is the later). The Committee may agree to waive the membership fee for an individual applicant or prospective group of applicants

12.3. Applications for membership shall be made using the appropriate on-line form

12.4. The Membership Secretary shall retain a membership list identifying all existing members. All personal information will be treated as confidential and shall not be used for any inappropriate purpose

12.5. Existing members may lodge an objection to any new membership within six months of the new member joining the Club. This must be considered by the Committee within one month and either accepted or rejected. If accepted then the person’s membership will be cancelled and the member notified accordingly

12.6. The Committee has the right to issue warnings or to terminate the membership of individuals who are considered by the Committee to have behaved in a way that is inconsistent with the Club rules set out on the Club’s website or any rules published for individual Club activities through appropriate means (e.g. website, newsletter, email etc.)

12.7 The Committee has the right to limit the number of members at any one time, as it sees fit


13.1. Members shall act in the best interests of the Club by observing the law and the highway code and being courteous to other road users and event participants

13.2. Members shall follow any guidelines or rules that are either published or advertised by organisers of rides, sportives, activities or other events. This includes those organised by fellow club members and non-club members and organisations to which the club is affiliated.

13.3. Any complaints about a club member should be sent to the Membership Secretary or the Chairman

13.4. If a complaint is received about a member they will be asked to provide an explanation and to respond to the complaint

13.5. The Committee may issue a warning, temporarily suspend or permanently terminate the membership of a member who is considered guilty of conduct detrimental to the Club or who has breached the Club rules set out on the Club’s website or any rules published for individual Club activities through appropriate means (e.g. website, newsletter, email etc.). The Committee decision will be take into account the severity of the breach and the number of breaches


14.1. Subscription fees and conditions for the categories of membership will be reviewed annually by the Committee.

14.2. The Club will employ a clear and published structure for membership fees. This may include an annual membership fee and an administration fee for new members; or similar charges as approved by the Committee

14.3. The Committee shall be entitled to award honorary memberships. A list of honorary members shall be maintained on the Club’s website. Honorary members shall be entitled to vote in Club meetings.

14.4. Members will be alerted by email at the end of each period of membership and reminded to renew; they will then have 14 days in which to do so, after which they will receive a notification by email from the Membership Secretary or the Chairman that they are no longer a member of the Club

14.5. A person whose membership has ceased pursuant to Article 13.5 or 14.4 above may not: represent the Club in any form; participate in any competition promoted by the Club or governed by the rules of a cycling body requiring Club membership; participate in any organised club rides or purchase or wear the Club kit or benefit from any commercial member benefits (such as discount schemes with local traders)

14.6. Any person who seeks to renew their membership four months or more after their membership has ceased may be asked to re-join the Club as if they were a new member

14.7. Membership fees will be non-refundable except where membership has been terminated by the Committee pursuant to Article 13.5 above in which case the fees shall be apportioned pro rata.


15.1. An Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held once each year not more than 13 months after the previous Annual General Meeting. A minimum of ten days’ notice of this meeting shall be given to all members

15.2. Items for discussion at the meeting and nominations for Committee positions must be submitted to the Club Secretary at least seven days before the date of the meeting

15.3. Ten members of the Club shall constitute a quorum in respect of the Annual General Meeting

15.4. The Annual General Meeting shall:

15.4.1. receive reports from all current or outgoing Club officials on the Club’s performance and activity in their areas of responsibility over the last 12 months

15.4.2. elect the Committee for the next 12 months

15.4.3. decide upon any resolution which has been submitted to the Club Secretary by any member at least seven days prior to the date of the meeting 15.4.4. discuss any other business raised by Committee members


16.1. On receiving a request from no less than twenty members, at least one of whom must be a current member of the Committee, the Club Secretary shall call a Special General Meeting giving at least seven days’ notice to Club members.


17.1. All paid-up members, including all members of the Committee and honorary members, shall have one vote.

In the event of equality of votes then motions shall be deemed lost. Single issue votes may be carried out without a meeting and can be decided by any appropriate means (e.g. post, electronic ballot etc)


18.1. The Committee shall be empowered to make, alter or amend these Articles provided that:

18.1.1. The changes are approved by three members of the Committee and a simple majority of the Committee, and

18.1.2. Club members are notified of the changes and no more than 10% of Club members object by written notification to the Club Secretary within 14 days of notice being given


19.1. Every member binds him or herself to abide by these Articles and the Club rules set out on the Club’s website or any rules published for individual Club activities through appropriate means (e.g. website, newsletter, email etc.). and to accept as final the decision of the Committee as to the interpretation thereof in the event of any dispute


20.1. Any financial commitment or payment using Club finances by a Club member must be approved by the Treasurer and either the Chairman or the Club Secretary. They will be restricted in amount to available and unallocated funds that the Club has within its possession (i.e. within the Club bank account)

20.2. No Club member can commit the Club to any contract or expense or have the capacity to purport to do so without the consent of the Treasurer and either the Chairman or the Club Secretary. Any member that purports to act without the necessary capacity or the above consent shall be personally liable for any financial commitments or debts undertaken

20.3. The funds for any proposed Club expenditure will be allocated and set aside in advance of any financial commitments being made

20.4. The Club may meet the reasonable costs of any member that takes part in any national level cycle race on application and following approval from the Treasurer and either the Club Secretary or the Chairman

20.5. The Club may meet the costs of training courses (e.g. Ride Leadership and First Aid) for members, following approval from the Treasurer and either the Club Secretary or the Chairman


21.1. Club finances may be used to purchase any assets or property for the purpose of the Club’s object as specified in Article 3.1

21.2. Any Club assets or property held by a club member will be held on trust for the benefit of all club members

21.3. The Committee will be responsible for any management decisions relating to the acquisition, disposal or management of Club assets or property

21.4. Assets or property should always be in the possession and control of a current club member and, where possible, a member of the Committee or an appropriate delegate approved by the Committee

21.5. In the event that the Club is dissolved then any necessary decisions about the management of club assets and property owned at that time will be made by the Committee

21.6. Any proceeds from the sale of any Club assets or property will first be used to pay for any existing Club debts and any remainder will be divided equally amongst Club members at the time of the Club being dissolved


22.1. The Club is not sponsored and does not endorse or support any company or product other than receiving and acknowledging prize money and donations. Any applications to sponsor the Club in the future will be decided by the Committee


23.1. The Club will affiliate to organisations as considered appropriate by the Committee to meet its object. This

may include any or all of the following:

  • British Cycling (BC)
  • Cycling Time Trials (CTT)
  • South East Road Race League (SERRL)
  • Southern Counties Cycling Union (SCCU)
  • Women’s Cycle Racing Association (WCRA)
  • London Cyclo Cross League (LCCL)
  • League of Veteran Racing Cyclists (LVRC)


24.1. The club can decide to dissolve itself by simple majority of members in attendance at a special general meeting. The sole business of such a special general meeting will be to dissolve the group

24.2. If it is agreed to dissolve the group, all remaining money and other assets, once outstanding debts have been paid, will be donated to a local charitable organisation. The organisation will be agreed at the meeting which agrees the dissolution


25.1. General communications, announcements and messages to Club members will be effected by means that are regularly used by members to communicate with each other, such as the Club website posts and direct emails to Members

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