Don’t stand out from the crowd. Get your club kit today!

It’s not long now until we make our bulk kit order for the summer. Exciting times indeed. This is your last chance to order, don’t get left behind by the peleton! 
Check out the Rouleur collection at our club shop, we are confident you’ll find what you need. These are priced at cost with our manufacturers, the club will just about break even if we hit our target order. 

These will unfortunately not be mail orders, we need to make a bulk order so once they are delivered(6-8 weeks) then we can organise a “kit collection evening” for everyone to collect their shiny new numbers. 

Be weary of the size guides, the pro versions are a lot slimmer than the club range. Or just give up your cinammon buns! 🙂

If anyone has problems logging onto the website then contact Matt so he can help with your order. 

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