Hi everyone
Hope you are all well and managed to get out on the bike on this frosty weekend.
As most of you know we had our committee meeting this weekend with 10 of us attending, discussing a wide range of issues regarding the management and running of the club within the current volunteer structure and the time involved administering those tasks. A couple of key points came out of it which I will try to keep in a digestable/readable format.

Due to the continued growth of the club over the last five years we have concluded that we are now currently over capacity and oversubscribed for our current set up. This is an amazing achievement and I want to thank everyone personally who has helped get us to this stage. We have acheived what we aimed for when setting up the club, we have a thriving group of like minded people enjoying getting out on their bikes on organised club rides, socials and holidays. Well done everyone!
As a result of this we have decided to put a temporary suspension on new members joining. With a one out, one in policy, being put in place. This is to ensure we can continue to organise great events for our current members within the current format. Our Meetup group will have a waitlist for new member joins, and the website membership page will be disabled for the time being.
So it is up to current members to check their membership status to ensure they dont drop out from the group and are unable to rejoin. You can do this at https://rprouleurs.co.uk/account
We have also decided to freeze the membership price at £35 for another year, that is now five years without an increase and hopefully eveyone will appreciate what they get from it Great to have you all aboard!

Club Rides
The British Cycling Ride Leaders Course that we sent our members on last month went really well, with all 10 passing to become fully qualified ride leaders. Well done to all!
It did however bring up a number of issues when it comes to how we set up our rides which we plan to review over the coming months, including insurance, ride leaders, ride briefings and routes.
To that end, the committee have agreed to cap our Sunday Club Ride at a maximum of 40 riders until we have finished our review and to make sure the club ride is managable. We have been getting 50 riders of late in sub zero January, so we need time to refine some of our processes before the annual Spring rush.
Please do use the Meetup RSVP system if you wish to ride, and join the waitlist if there is no spaces left. We will do our best to increase this cap asap, but be assured it is to ensure that our rides are conducted with safety a paramount concen, for our riders and ride leaders.

New Membership Secretary
I am also glad to announce that Jad Cockram has volunteered to step in as our new Club Membership Secretary, taking over from Sibylle who did a great job. I will be spending some time with Jad getting him up to speed on the Meetup and website databases. We will be conducting our annual Meetup Membership springclean on April 1st so please check your status before then to avoid the dreaded removal email! 🙂
So that’s pretty much it guys. We have some big events coming up including Mallorca 312, Sallys Andalucia holiday, Siobhans ski trip, Andrews Pyranees pootle, Monti is looking at our Summer Boat Part social, Chase the Sun, multilple audax’s and many more socials. We have another meeting in a month where we will update you on where things are at.

See you all soon.

Ride safe!


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