London to Paris 2016-Your Stories

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Ok so as some of you might know some of our finest Rouleurs attempted the mighty London to Paris route earlier this year. An epic 300 miles over three grueling days. There was stories which will last in the memory forever, but here are just a few!


Scott Trevithick

Ok here’s my story:
  • What was your favorite part of the weekend?
My favourite part of the weekend was looking at all the stunning English and French countryside. Little farming villages with 2 people up. Cows by the side of the road, a tractor here and there. Long stretches of road where it was just us cyclists. The silence of the ride, mindful that there was no place I’ rather be. The other favourite part was just making it to Paris despite major mechanical breakdowns on 2 of the 3 days – my sheer will to keep going in spite of my bike trying to stop me.
  • What was the hardest part?
The hardest part were the two major mechanicals I had. Breaking a wheel in the middle of Kent on day 1 then getting another wheel fitted – I carried on the route solo, missing my ferry but still persisted. The next day the second mechanical of a broken crank spindle was nearly what undid me – but we got this fixed too. Both times, the kindness of random strangers took me in their car to a local shop where repairs were completed. It was amazing.
  • Rider of the weekend, and favorite cycling buddy?
Rider of the weekend was Matt Chidgey – who on the final day had a mechanical which prevented him from using the600_450541141 small ring, despite some big hills, then after a crash with a bleeding leg and swelling, he refused to stop and made it to Paris in the pouring rain. That man is unstoppable.
My favourite cycling buddy is always Michael Ohashi – we’ve been through many tough times together and London to Paris was another one!
  • Would you do it again, what would you so differently?
Yes I would do it again but pack less next time. I didn’t need all the clothes I took, which weighed me down

Matt Chidgey

 Ok here’s my story:
  • What was your favorite part of the weekend?
The determination of everyone on the ride to make it to Paris come what may, with many obstacles thrown in their way including mechanical’s, torrential downpours and some crazy crazy hills!
The hospitality of the French people we came across was something to behold and the appreciation for cyclists in general was fantastic.
Rolling into Paris on day three with it not actually raining so we could get our pictures, and getting everyone around the dinner table togethe13307213_10209716747263247_7620474348419983231_nr again on the night to celebrate one mighty fine achievement!
  • What was the hardest part?
Trying to make the ferry on time in Dover on the first day was quite tricky, as some on the ride will no doubt testify to, but we all made it in the end. Losing my small chain on day 3 was a bit of a pain but manageable. Then coming off the bike on a wet roundabout 30 miles from Paris was something I could have done without. My first “proper” crash just misjudging a roundabout I manged to collect a few mementos from the ride in a swollen hip and elbow. But hey, who said it was gonna be easy!
  • Rider of the weekend, and favorite cycling buddy?

I will go for Mark for rider of the weekend. The distance we covered is considerably more than what he is normally used to. And he also had an epic crash which caused a cracked rib on day 1, but still somehow managed to keep getting up and ride like a beast each day. Awesome!

My favourite cycling buddy has got to be Sir Richy of York obviously. We all know he loves to hog the front, but to be
honest none of us were complaining after three days of it. We just made sure we kept him fed and watered and let him fly like the wind!
  • Would you do it again, what would you so differently?
Oh yes. In an instant. And not crash!

Dani13307406_10209710780834090_6544694783545016095_nel Nascimento

Ok so here is my story:

  • What was your favourite part of the weekend? Ok so here is my story:

My favourite part about the weekend was cycling in France. The French country side was beautiful and roads were so smooth plus we had a tailwind which helps a lot. On top of that, the camaraderie was amazing since we were cycling as a group making sure every rider was ok.


  • What was the hardest part?

I will pick two harder parts:

  1. –  Stage 1 from Richmond Park to Dover. It was a killer since it was the first day with our panniers and bags and the handling of the bike felt to odd. Also the hills on the way were so steep
  2. Stage 3 from Abbeville to Paris was so hard with heavy rain and so many traffic lights on the final 25kms. I just wanted to get to Paris already but every single traffic light was red. 13310529_10209716748423276_8164296273239929929_n
  • Rider of the weekend, and favorite cycling buddy?

No doubt about the rider of the weekend was Mark with his (possible) cracked rib. No favourite cycling buddy but the entire “slow” group was great to ride with

  • Would you do it again, what would you so differently?

I would do it again if there was a car taking our bags from hotel to hotel. It was a nightmare carrying the bags from London to Paris. In the end, all the clothing got wet because it rained on the last day.

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