Once Upon A Time In The West

Come and join us for a grand day out to the lovely city of Cambridge! We at least start in the West so its enough to justify the fancy title! We will have multiple groups heading out so a perfect opportunity to ride with a group of a similar level.

Average speed will range from 13/15/17mph depending on the group you are in. The route will be roughly 70 miles to Cambridge with minimal hills. For those getting the train back you could probably get a group saver at Cambridge for groups of four, but probably easier to sort it once there.

We will be leaving Roehampton Cafe at 9am on July 10th. Please arrive ten minutes early so we have time to split the groups.

The aim will be to ride together, waiting at junctions and at tops of hills, if required, to keep the group together.

If interested then please sign up to the Meetup page to RSVP.

Hope to see you there!


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