Annual Membership

Quite a big one this. For those who don’t know, we have been covering the admin costs of the club and its various websites and costs by charging a small fee of £1.50 per person for group rides out of the park. This has proved quite time consuming when it comes to the admin side, so we are going to scrap this going forward and change to an annual subscription for all members.

Membership options:
We have set up a few different membership options which start at as little as £25 per year. For those who have already registered on the Rouleurs site you can just log in and upgrade, for any new users just follow the registration details.
More info can be found on the link below with the various membership options, but generally speaking if you ride regularly then you are getting a better deal. And the Rouleurs leadership team get more time to plan and organise more great events for its members.­
Early May is the target to get everyone across guys so that leaves you at least a few weeks grace to upgrade if you wish. Everyone will receive email reminders on Meetup to upgrade their membership to the Rouleurs website after that. From then on we will slowly be updating our Meetup and Facebook group members list to match that of the Rouleurs site, so don’t miss out! We will be removing the £1.50 fee from any existing rides from May which have been posted already.
The Rouleurs website has been successfully tested using paypal,If anyone doesn’t use palpal you can set up a guest account, or contact me otherwise.

In a nutshell:
We will still be using Meetup to organise the events as it’s a pretty handy tool and everyone is used to it now. But you will get to use the Rouleurs website a bit more as well, We will be updating it regularly with many cool features which you just cant do on Meetup. The Facebook and Meetup groups will be for members only which might be good to get an accurate list of who’s actually active in the club. All new members will still be welcome to join the Meetup page and will be encouraged to join as a fully paid member after a few rides so they can get a feel for the club and make sure it is right for them. Any questions just let me know.

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