How to order

Come and check out our fantastic range of Rouleurs club kit, they will really make you feel apart of the club! These are made by our manufacturers Miltag who really produce some nice stuff. A lot of our members now have the kit but we would like a lot more, get involved and wear your kit with pride!

In order for the club not to incur high costs we have to order a certain amount of each product(ideally 10 each), so we will be making two big bulk orders per year. One in the summer and one winter. Orders will not be delivered individually to people’s houses, members will have a chance to come to a kit collection day(tba) or after that they will have to contact the committee for an individual collection. Orders can be made now ready for our winter bulk order delivery.
Generally, on the sizing front the Pro range is very slim fitting so please check the sizing charts before you buy as we cannot refund afterwards.


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