The Rouleurs Club Cap

“Earn the cap!”

So this is an exciting announcement. The club has been going for a while now(2014) so we are probably at the right time to start recognising distinguished members for their long service to the club.

So we are proud to announce the introduction of a special Rouleurs club cap, awarded to those members who have been attending regular club events over the years.

How do you get one?

By attending 150 events club events. These can be checked on your Meetup profiles or by asking a Meetup organiser to check for you. Typically this grand achievement should take most members three years of hard Rouleurs service, or two years for the super keen!

These are designed to reward members for their sterling work in the club and will be awarded at the end of each year at our xmas party. These are for Meetup events starting from 2014. There are at least two definites so far to receive a cap, with one or two longtime members also close to breaching the 150 within the next month. Exciting times indeed!


We will keep the design/colour of the new caps under wraps until the Christmas party, we dont want to ruin the surprise! These will be a different colour and design to the normal club caps on the shop page, as they deserve to be!

Club Cap (digital)Wall

So in a normal clubhouse we would have a board with a list of club cap winners for each year. We dont have that…..yet. So we will have one on the website where we will list hopefully our long list of club cap holders. Or Rouleurs legends as some might call them!

So get checking your RSVPs, you could be in line for recognition. See you all at our Christmas Party!




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