Rouleurs 2 Year Anniversary

Another milestone for the club comes this weekend

Can you believe it has been that long already! Yes it sure has flown by, two years this weekend we shall celebrate the club’s anniversary. We have had many highs only a few lows thankfully.


It actually made me think back to when we first came up with the idea for the club. A lot of us were friends riding together most weeks anyway as we knew each other from Richmond Park but maybe not as organised as we could be, with the odd late attendee rocking up to the park making everyone wait or maybe even people not actually finishing a ride together.

 captureA lot has changed since then but I can’t help but share this one particular ride which caused me to briefly quit as the organiser before we even started! We went out in one group and came back in three, and that’s what we know of! Lets just say some of us waited for riders to regroup, and some didn’t. And some even had great difficulty reading a map, much to my pleasure. It wasn’t the greatest expedition of group riding by any stretch of the imagination unfortunately. Strava flyby snapshot of the comedy capers to the left.


As I said a lot of things have changed since then. I think my point at the start of the “adventure” two years ago was that we either do this right, or we don’t do it at all! I like to think we have done a lot it right!

12376012_10208388490817666_6290684693126581439_nSo a big thank you all who have been involved in the journey, Richard for being there from the start
to help me out with the organising, Emma for coming up with the Rouleurs name, Jo and Cindy for their design work, Stuart with the kit saga, and of course the committee which consists of Monika, Sally, Michael, Scott, Richard, Sibylle and Roger. You have all helped create the special family atmosphere which makes us different to most cycling clubs I think.

It’s been a great first two years, but this is just the beginning!

Many thanks



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